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TSQ Consulting team
Lyudmila Morozova
company co-founder, strategist, consultant, methodologist, organizational development expert

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Alexey Kudimov
co-founder of the company, CEO
Dina Guseynova
partner, consultant, methodologist, business process optimization specialist

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Walter Schwartz
expert in international management, consultant of cross-cultural communication, business coach, moderator of strategic sessions

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Tatiana Andreeva
consultant in personnel assessment and HR analytics, expert in the key competencies development, author of the "MINDSKILLS" approach

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Ekaterina Moskova
consultant of top teams that are at the stage of transformation, an expert in the team communications development

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Oksana Orlova-Gorskaya
head of the "Sustainable Development" practice, methodologist, specialist in the field of project management and development of production systems

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Sergey Orlov-Gorsky
consultant in personnel assessment and HR analytics

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Anton Platonov
partner, head of the "Digital Transformation" practice, Digital HR expert, consultant in the sphere of business and HR systems automation

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Ekaterina Petrova
specialist in personnel assessment, adaptation and development of employees, business coach

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Kira Knyazeva
consultant, coach, facilitator, strategic development specialist

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Gala Abramova
consultant of remote and distributed teams, specialist of the agile management implementation, development of a personnel training system

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Alexander Zakharov
business coach, consultant in remote teams building, engagement management and development of sales departments

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Anastasia Ten
project manager, business coach, sales development consultant and contact center process building

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Victoria Belkina
Key Account Manager
Anastasia Churilova
Head of Marketing department, Designer, Communications Specialist
Daria Yandulskaya
Business Processes Optimization and Operational Efficiency Specialist

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Natalia Dvoretskaya
consultant in organizational development, support of management teams, personnel assessment

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