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We will conduct a market analysis, help develop a company’s strategy, create a roadmap, rethink the implementation of the strategy into the corporate culture and translate them into activities of each department while supporting the management team
We create value for our customers and make them competitive adaptive. We work in partnership with boards of directors, CEOs and senior executives to identify and answer their most critical strategic questions, including growth, profitability, transformation, operating models and sustainability.

The best strategic planning processes focus on deep understanding, willingness, and flexibility instead of bureaucracy.
At the heart of CEOs' threats lies the misconception that strategic planning boils down to only annual budgets and five-year plans. These traditional planning approaches work well in stable and relatively predictable sectors, but stability is becoming less and less the norm. A more volatile environment requires more flexible approaches, which allow a synchronized alignment of the company’s schedule with the market’s.

Discover strategy across different time horizons
Long-term, mid-term and short-term issues need to be addressed individually. Each requires different goals, stakeholders and rhythms, and none of them can be ignored.
Facilitate and stimulate strategic dialogue regularly
The strategy process can easily fall prey to the law of diminishing returns. Too many repetitions can make the exercise out of date. However, instead of changing the process, many leading leaders bring inspiration and novelty by focusing their process on a changing set of critical strategic issues.
Involve more stakeholders in the strategic process
Moving beyond a central strategic group to business leaders, board members, customers, and even suppliers can help avoid group thinking, increase preparedness and agility, and lead to more effective strategy execution.

Invest in task execution and monitoring
Clear communication is important, but proper organization and metrics are also important. Priority strategic initiatives need to be defended every day and monitored through dashboards.
The main areas of work with the strategy:
Choose the desired direction and see how we work with the organization in each of them. Strategy development: from analyzing the situation and finding problems to conducting a strategic session. Implementation of solutions: from a strategic session to obtaining concrete results.
Strategy Development
Implementation of solutions
Current business problems for strategy development
Актуальные проблемы бизнеса
Actual business problems for strategy implementation
внедрение стратегии проблемы
* This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives
* This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives
Аreas of strategic sessions
Аreas of strategic sessions
Stages of work in the process of developing a strategy
We can guide your company through the full cycle of strategy development or, in agreement with you, take on certain crucial milestones.
1. Identifying the problem, analyzing the market and working with data
  • Organizational meeting-facilitation with the Customer’s team
  • Identifying the Problem (Interview, SCQ, 5-Why, Issue Tree Hypotheses)
  • Developing hypotheses
  • Market analysis and involvement of industry experts if they are not on the team
2. Hypothesis testing and analytics
  • Collecting data based on hypotheses
  • Financial, economic, operational analytics
  • Advanced analytics
  • Interview with the strategy team
  • In-depth interviews with key Customers
3. Preparation of presentation and recommendations
  • Synthesis of recommendations for the client
  • Persuasive Defense Before Strategic Session
  • Persuasive slides
  • Explanation of recommendations and steps
  • Conducting a presentation in front of a key customer
4. Preparing for the strategic session
  • Interviews with key stakeholders (list of formalized questions)
  • Coordination of the scenario, organizational issues and riders for the session
  • Methodological preparation of participants for the session
5. Conducting a strategic session
  • Conducting a strategic session according to an agreed scenario and using an agreed methodology
  • Consolidation of the received agreements
  • Roadmap creation
6. Digitization of results and formation of a roadmap
  • Digitizing the results of the strategic session
  • Preparation of a report on the strategic session for the Customer
  • Description of steps and approval of the developed roadmap to the key Customer and the key team
Process steps of strategy implementation
We can guide your company through the full cycle of strategy development or, in agreement with the customer, take on certain crucial milestones.
1. Organizing session
  • Analysis of the main challenges that need to be overcome to implement the strategy
  • List of major changes in the company for the implementation and implementation of the strategy
  • Consolidation of the received agreements
  • Roadmap creation
2. Digitizing the results and agreeing on the roadmap
  • Digitization of organizational session results
  • Description of steps and approval of the developed roadmap to the key Customer and the key team
  • Determination of responsible persons and deadlines
3. Description of results in the format of specific metrics
  • Formalization of results
  • Agreeing on specific metrics and areas of responsibility
  • Creation of individual implementation plans
  • Meeting with the implementation team and agreeing on steps and control points
4. Support of the management team at the stage of implementation of plans
  • Appointment of the project manager of the practice
  • "Implementation of solutions"
  • Individual meetings with participants and modular meetings with the team
  • Project support of the team
  • Facilitation of team meetings, included observation during meetings and feedback to the team and individual participants
5. Individual support of the key implementation team
Individual support for participants is similar to individual coaching, but is implemented according to the MINDSKILLS methodology, which allows you to achieve results faster and better.
6. Evaluation of the results of the end points of the project, PR results
  • Evaluating Results: End-to-End Analytics and Analyzing Results
  • Financial reporting for the project, reporting meetings
  • Search for problem areas in implementation
  • Training of the team or individual participants if necessary
7. Supporting session for a key team
  • Organizational session for correcting (if necessary) steps and methods of implementation
  • Team report
8. Final events and evaluation of the result
  • Project performance report
  • Assessment and customer feedback, team feedback
  • Analysis of indicators
  • Preparation of the final report, exit from the project
Our cases:
Strategy development and implementation
Company: Oilfield services company (NDA), with their help oil exploration and production, geological analysis is carried out

Project audience: 300 employees

Objective: to develop strategic initiatives and projects that will improve the company’s economic performance over a 3−5 year horizon
Key results:
  • Strategic initiatives developed with performance metrics for each department
  • Developed a roadmap and created a dashboard for monitoring metrics and indicators
  • Ensuring revenue growth: points of control over the implementation of metrics are described and end-to-end analytics are provided to ensure transparency of processes
Market research to improve the efficiency of network sales

Company: pharmacy chain (NDA), medium and high price segment. Revenue — more than half a billion rubles a year, almost a twofold increase in the number of points on the horizon of 5 years

Introductory information about the situation:

  • consolidating market
  • actions of competitors that reduce market share
  • changes in the structure of purchases of visitors to pharmacies
Conduct market research and prioritize key areas for increasing sales efficiency, as well as form recommendations on what tools can be used to achieve this increase.

Based on the results of the analysis, models were compiled that helped to highlight 4 main features of the portrait of consumers of the pharmacy chain, which will help in revising the product matrix and sales strategy.

The company received a detailed study of its industry, as well as:

  • A step-by-step plan for the implementation of a new sales strategy (including the study of the technical side of implementation)
  • Dashboard built into the client’s current technical solution for calculating the required values (with data visualization)
  • Recommendations for further action
Customer review
Company: HZPC Sadokas – the Russian division of the Dutch breeder company HZPC Holland B.V.

Project: Strategic session on digitalization