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Full scope

We build HR systems, help create a corporate culture and make it work, conduct personnel assessments, train employees and managers, create and develop teams.
Main directions of work with HR-systems
Assessment and development of top executives Mindskills
  • Diagnostics of the top team: assessment of 5 meta-competencies (awareness, flexibility, critical thinking, perseverance, benevolence)
  • Shaping the need for development
  • Top executive development
  • Preparation of a roadmap
The flagship product of the HR consulting business. Authoring by TSQ Consulting experts.
Corporate culture
  • CC development from scratch and effective implementation
  • Adjustment of the existing CC for the goals and objectives of the business
  • Assessment of the impact of CC on the business performance of the company
  • CC grounding into regulations and behavioral indicators
  • Training leaders and ambassador teams to disseminate and support CC
HR processes
  • Building a strategic system of HR processes for business goals or adjusting it
  • Assessment of return on investment in HR
  • Digitization of HR function and implementation of analytics tools
  • HR mission statement and value proposition
  • Adjustment of HR business processes in accordance with the company’s strategy and HR brand
Personnel assessment
  • Development of a personnel assessment system for the successful functioning of the organization
  • Company climate assessment
  • Assessment of managers and top teams
  • Standard personnel assessment tools
  • Author’s methods (MINDSKILLS interview, diagnostic training, assessment 2.0)
  • Formation of clear criteria for the promotion of employees
  • Reducing training costs by defining competencies related to business performance
Effective management
  • Analysis of the current situation, identification of problems and growth zones
  • Analysis of the competency model and its adjustment
    assessment of the MC management team
  • Development of a program and format for the development of managers (from webinars and trainings to complex modular programs and gamification)
  • Digitization of results in metrics
  • Transfer of development programs methodology and training of internal experts
Team building
  • Assessment of team intelligence and its development (according to the TSQ method)
  • Building a culture of team communications
  • Awareness of responsibility for the overall result of the team and business
  • Faster decision making
  • Individual development of the participants (interview MINDSKILLS)
  • Assessment and collection of metrics for team performance
    organizing events that support the transformation of the team
    support at every stage of transformation
Employee training and development
  • Analysis of the existing competency model or development from scratch
  • Assessment of employees according to the competency model
  • Training in necessary and modern soft-skills
  • Leadership development
  • Expert training in areas
  • Development of internal experts
  • Accompaniment and methodological support of corporate universities
Culture of well-being and resilience of employees
  • Introducing a culture of well-being in the company
  • Prevention of emotional and professional burnout among employees and management team,
  • Transfer of tools to monitor the resilience of employees and keep teams in good shape
* This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us, and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives.
Our cases:
Developing a culture of well-being through training the management team
Company: Finnish manufacturing company.

Project audience:
top and middle management of the Russian representative office of the Company.

Main goal: to convey to managers a systematic understanding of the tools for ensuring well-being (life balance and adherence to a schedule, prevention of burnout and stress management, transparency of communications, maintaining confidence in conditions of uncertainty, etc.)

Additional objectives of the program:
  1. Improving the level of well-being of the management team
  2. Mastering management tools to maintain employee well-being and a healthy team climate
  3. Supporting employees in a changing environment
Key results:
  • Leaders understand the importance of a culture of well-being, its application in a business context, and share these values
  • The prevention of professional burnout of key managers was carried out
  • Company leaders own the tools to prevent burnout among employees and ensure a favorable climate in the team, creating a safe and productive atmosphere.
    Improving the efficiency of the management team in the new environment
  • Increasing employee loyalty and engagement through better quality work of managers with them.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and productivity, reducing anxiety in a situation of change
  • Increasing the responsibility of managers for the emotional state and well-being of employees
Creation of a competency model
based on company values
Company: "Bushe", one of the most popular bakeries and confectionery in St. Petersburg and Moscow, which has more than 40 establishments.

Goal: to make existing values more "alive" and working. Conduct personnel assessment so that the procedure becomes not only useful and developmental, but "stormy" and inspiring event.
Key results:
  • Developed and implemented models of managerial competencies based on values for 2 divisions: retail and manufacturing.
  • More than 100 managers assessed for new competencies
  • Identified 4 key leadership competencies affecting financial performance.
  • The entire project methodology (for developing a competency model, 360 assessment, analytics, providing feedback, conducting interviews) was transferred to the customer's specialist.
Improving the efficiency of the top team and creating a corporate culture
Company: SAF-NEVA, a division of the Lesaffre group, more than 10,000 employees.

Purpose: to create the prerequisites for a qualitative change in the management team, which will be able to manage changes and maintain efficiency in a situation of uncertainty.
Key results:
  • The key problems and vices of the team have been identified.
  • The managers went through the necessary stage of labilization and understood the problematic field for work
  • Conducted a series of organizational sessions to create team agreements
  • Evaluated using indicators of value behavior
  • Managers are prepared to provide feedback to employees on the results of the assessment
  • A series of trainings for the top team has been developed, aimed at increasing team awareness and improving team communications
  • A series of developmental conversations based on the MindSkills method was held, aimed at improving the quality of thinking
Business quest for working with values and meanings
Company: Azimut hotel chain, the largest international hotel chain in terms of room stock in the mid-price segment in Russia.

Purpose: presentation and development of new company values, increasing employee loyalty to values.
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Key results:
  • The foundation for further changes: managers passed values through themselves, learned to see indicators of employees' value behavior, determined further steps to introduce new meanings and approaches in each of the hotels.
  • The customer received 9 tools for further use in working with values (a set of cards, exercises).
  • 4 cases have been developed for the diagnosis of value behavior. They can be used at the stage of recruiting, adapting and evaluating personnel, as well as for developing feedback on values