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We help companies realize successful change by working on solutions in areas of strategic management and HR-consulting, based on advanced technologies, data analytics and industry specifics.
TSQ Consulting
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We help organizations beсome better and more efficient at every stage of their development.


Agro-industrial complex
Communications and telecommunications
Government sector
Construction and development, construction materials industry
Private sector and retail
Transport and logistics
Metallurgical complex and mechanical engineering
Pharmacy and healthcare
Oil and Gas Industry, Petrochemicals
Financial sector: banks and insurance companies
Food industry
Electric power industry
Light manufacturing, wood-processing and pulp and paper industries
The top 3 Russian consulting companies
Rated in the top three consulting companies in the field of personnel management and placed fourth in the field of strategic planning and organizational development according to the rating agency "Expert RA".

According to the rating agency "Expert PA", among russian consulting companies at the end of 2019, TSQ Consulting ranked:

  • 3rd place in HR management
  • 4th place in strategic planning and organizational development
TSQ Consulting total revenue increased by 31.4%

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    Our team

    Alexey Kudimov
    co-founder of the company, CEO
    Lyudmila Morozova
    co-founder, strategist, consultant, methodologist, organizational development expert
    Walter Schwarz
    expert in international management, consultant of cross-cultural communication
    Dina Guseynova
    partner, consultant, methodologist, specialist in business processes optimization
    Ekaterina Moskova
    consultant of leadership teams at the transformation stage, expert in team communications development
    Sergey Orlov-Gorsky
    consultant in personnel assessment and HR analytics
    Tatiana Andreeva
    consultant in personnel assessment and HR analytics
    Oksana Orlova-Gorskaya
    head of practice "Sustainable Development", methodologist
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    Customer reviews
    Yakovleva Natalya, HR Business Partner for Human Resources
    TSQ Consulting consultants are bright and charismatic personalities. The meeting was long-awaited for the participants and surpassed all the wildest expectations. The program developed under the order of the business made it possible to simulate a qualitatively new environment in which everyone was able to assess the level of their current competencies, to understand the development zones for future success, to adopt a whole arsenal of life hacks to improve themselves and their team. Many thanks to the TSQ team, it was a pleasure to work with you! I look forward to further cooperation. I'm your fan.
    Moscow Industrial Bank
    Oksana Lyndina, HR Director
    Together with the TSQ Consulting team, top managers and senior executives of MinBank, we developed the mission and values of the company. After their approval, we created the "Manifesto of the Custodians of Values", to which all the leaders were attributed. The process was promptly automated, and now each of our communications is positioned in one way or another from the point of implementation of values. There is still a long road ahead for implementation, but we absolutely believe in our values and beliefs, each of our communications is backed up!
    Daria Goryakina, director of laboratory services
    We turned to TSQ Consulting to build a strong team of professionals, which clearly, quickly and efficiently moves towards the set goal.

    I can highlight 4 advantages of working with the TSQ Consulting team:
    Result. I see how my employees are developing, there is a consistency in all their actions. This was also reflected in business performance.
    Efficiency. All approvals and organization of events take place promptly.
    Flexibility. They adjust the training format for each specific team, work individually with each participant and strictly comply with the wishes of the Customer.
    Inspiration. Consultants are charismatic leaders. Any event is not only training in competencies, but also a charge of vivacity, motivation and drive for several weeks in advance.
    I. Dobrynina, HR manager
    TSQ Consulting are distinguished by their professional, non-standard and creative approach to the implementation of programs. The consultants treat their clients with attention and care. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation!
    X5 Retail Group
    Ksenia Lapshina, Head of Recruitment, Evaluation, Training and Personnel Development Department
    MINDSKILLS — structured material, clear algorithm and deep analysis of personality. This method allows employees to see for themselves their development zones, assess their strengths and weaknesses. A detailed report made it possible to draw up individual development programs. With a TSQ expert, we analyzed the questions and answers of the participants, made mistakes; discussed how to work effectively with the tool in future. The methodology for evaluating employees and candidates meets the needs of the business. In reality, the assessment of MINDSKILLS is more interesting and deeper, employees do not hesitate to recognize their weaknesses, as a result, they become more needed and effective both in work and in personal life.
    Saf-Neva, Lesaffre
    Artem Kuydo, HR Director
    Thanks to the joint work with the TSQ consultants team, the interaction of the top team improved, we began to trust each other more, problems in the team began to be resolved faster, and personal issues that were holding us back worked through. Today we feel like a team, a part of something in common; a team goal has appeared, which helps us to go no matter what and at the right time to cover our colleague with our shoulder. We appreciate the work of TSQ Consulting because they know how to feel people and adapt to the pace of our work.
    KBR East
    L. E. Fedoseev, HR manager
    TSQ consultants are real professionals, they perfectly feel the true needs of the customer and make the most of their knowledge in the preparation and conduct of corporate training programs. Our cooperation with TSQ Consulting, a modern and reliable business training company, has been very fruitful.
    Dmitry Chebykin, Head of Sales Department
    After each training, we get a leap in the efficiency of our specialists — from 10% to 30%, depending on the training. What I would like to note additionally: a positive mood after trainings for the whole team, an increase in efficiency and a deep study of all sales areas.
    LLC "EuroChem"
    A. N. Bychenko, Administrative Director
    Thanks to the training, we have formed partnerships with clients, which are based on mutual cooperation and professionalism. We recommend TSQ Consulting as a professional and reliable partner in the field of personnel training and development. The TSQ team of experts takes a responsible approach to business, we look forward to further cooperation.
    T. Yu. Boyarskaya, Chief HR Specialist
    We are grateful to TSQ Consulting for conducting corporate trainings for our team of specialists. We were able to find new ways of development, effective ways of staging and achieved the key goals of our company. We recommend TSQ Consulting as a quality service provider in the business training market.
    O. A. Gorodetskaya, HR manager
    The methods used by TSQ Consulting consultants are distinguished by an individual approach and meet the requirements of the Customer. The solution was built taking into account the specifics of the business, goals and objectives. The emotional coloring of the trainings deserves special attention.
    Sokos Hotels
    A. N. Kistochkina, HR Director
    We are satisfied with the work of TSQ Consulting and are ready to recommend the company as a reliable and responsible partner. I would especially like to note the non-standard, interactive format of the training, as well as the large amount of practice in the learning process.
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